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**Introducing Our New Creative Freedom Package: Unleash Your Inner Artist!**


At Sunflower Artistry, we've been overwhelmed with requests from passionate art enthusiasts like you, seeking an affordable and enjoyable way to explore creativity with friends and family at home for a wide range of events or just an excuse to get social.


We understand the joy of sharing your newfound love for painting, which is why we're thrilled to present our innovative solution – the Creative Freedom Package. Ideal for groups of 5 or more people.


**What's Included:**


With our Creative Freedom Package, you have the freedom to choose! Instead of committing to a full kit, now you can simply purchase a set of instructions for your chosen design and the canvases you need. No more limitations – just pick the templates you need and let your imagination run wild!


Each option saves you £££'s off normal prices including paints and brushes. Each package includes one set of printed instructions and A3 sized canvases as standard.


**How It Works:**


1. **Customize Your Experience:** Use our user-friendly custom text box to specify the instructions you desire from our diverse kit selection. Whether it's landscapes, portraits, or abstract art – the choice is yours!

2. **Safe Delivery:** Your selected package will be handmade from scratch and packaged with care within 7 days so you'll have everything you need to start your creative journey as quickly as possible.

3. **Gather Your Materials:** Embrace your artistic independence by using your existing painting materials or enhance your collection with our great value paints, brushes, and more. Explore our wide range of art supplies to complement your chosen templates such as great value keep wet palettes and useful aprons.

4. **Paint, Share, and Enjoy:** Dive into the world of art at your own pace. Whether you prefer painting solo or inviting your loved ones to join, the Creative Freedom Package empowers you to express yourself effortlessly.


**Why Choose the Creative Freedom Package?**

✨ **Cost-Effective:** Say goodbye to pricey full kits. Pay only for the instructions and things you needand want and save big on your creative endeavors.

✨ **Flexibility:** Perfect to add into your own events and gatherings to add something unique that will keep your friends talking!

✨ **Quality Assured:** Our meticulously crafted instructions ensure a seamless painting experience, guiding you every step of the way.

✨ **Community Love:** Why not join our growing community of artists and enthusiasts, united by a passion for creativity. Share your masterpieces, exchange ideas, and inspire each other.


Embrace the freedom to create, explore, and connect with the Creative Freedom Package from Sunflower Artistry. Let your artistic spirit soar – order your tailored instructions today and unlock a world of endless possibilities!


Here is a bit of nitty gritty:


Excludes custom/personalised or multi canvas designs.


Regular priced templates cost £11 each when brought seperatly from our kits selection but when you buy with one of these great packages, you are getting them for as little as £8 each! When purchased alongside the discounted paints and brushes making them even better value than the 20% off multi buy offer. 


Holding a gathering of 15 or more? Then you will see savings on our paints too! Normally at £24per set of 12 paints, you save £4 per pack. These are full 59ml bottles plus I give you extra of any colour I feel you need more of for your chosen design for no extra charge!


Looking at those brush sets? In this package you get a whopping 10 brushes per person for just.... £4 a set! Saving you over 30%!


All in all, you can save up to 20% more buying this way compared to using our multibuy kit offer. Pretty good value huh?


Your chosen package will be boxed together with a single set of instructions for the group to work through. Need more copies? Drop us an email after making your package purchase and we will email you a PDF to print out at home totally free!


Please note we need 7 days to make packagesand kits as they are all made and drwan by hand from our home in Suffolk.


Any questions, just get in touch!

Creative Freedom Package, 5 people+

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