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Sarah-Marie's journey through the art world serves as a compelling narrative of how determination and passion can forge a remarkable path, despite encountering obstacles. From a young age, inspired by her brother's artistic talents, she discovered a love for art that would become her guiding light. Faced with daunting challenges, including bullying and victimisation, Sarah-Marie chose resilience over resignation. Her decision to leave school before completing her GCSEs did not deter her spirit. Instead, she navigated through life's hurdles with determination, balancing her studies at college with work and familial responsibilities, including helping to  care for her grandmother.

Her artistic journey flourished as she embarked on various projects, from set designs to commissioned portraits, all while gaining valuable experience in the industry. A move from North London/Essex to Suffolk opened new doors, introducing her to fresh challenges and opportunities. For a time, Sarah-Marie dedicated herself to a fulfilling career in the NHS, pausing her artistic endeavours. Yet, her creative flame never dimmed. The birth of her child rekindled her passion for art, leading her to establish Sunflower Artistry in 2015 and later, a vibrant artistic hub that not only reconnected her with her craft but also provided a platform for other artists to showcase their talents.

In 2018, Sarah-Marie introduced creative workshops in Sudbury town centre, fostering a community of artistic exchange and learning. Her dream of running a successful not-for-profit venture came true, though balancing this with family life, volunteer work, and personal art projects presented its own set of challenges. The difficult decision to close Duck in Boots in 2022, amid the pandemic and economic hardships, marked the end of an era but not the end of her journey. Embracing a new role at a local charity, Sarah-Marie continued to fuel her passion for art by conducting community classes and offering free online sessions, emphasising the therapeutic benefits of art.

Despite the demands of her job, motherhood, and teaching, Sarah-Marie continually crafts vibrant art collections. Her unwavering support from her husband, friends, and family, coupled with her courageous battle against PTSD, Dyslexia, and ongoing assessments for Autism and ADHD, showcases her remarkable determination and focus. Sarah-Marie's story is a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating that our life's direction is not dictated by our circumstances but shaped by our passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to our dreams.

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