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Sarah-Marie's artistic path is a humble reminder of how passion and perseverance can shape one's life, even in the face of adversity.

As a young girl, Sarah-Marie found inspiration in her brother's art, sparking an interest that would guide her future. Despite facing significant challenges, including bullying and being a victim of crimes, she chose not to let these experiences limit her but rather used them as motivation to pursue her love for art.

Leaving school early and without completing her GCSEs, Sarah-Marie encountered numerous hurdles. Yet, she remained undeterred. Balancing college studies with evening and weekend work, and helping to care for her grandmother, she steadily moved towards her goals.

Sarah-Marie expanded her artistic capabilities through private projects, like set designs and commissioned portraits, while gaining practical industry experience. Later, she moved from North London/Essex to Suffolk, opening a new chapter filled with both challenges and opportunities.

For a decade, Sarah-Marie devoted herself to a rewarding career in the NHS, temporarily setting her art aside. However, her creative spirit quietly persisted. Becoming a mother reignited her artistic passion, and despite being pregnant with her second child, she bravely established an artistic hub for others, fostering a space of creativity and realisation of dreams.

This hub not only reconnected Sarah-Marie to her art but also allowed other artists to express themselves. In 2018, she launched her first creative workshops, sharing various artistic ideas and techniques.

As the hub in Sudbury town centre thrived, Sarah-Marie dream of a successful not-for-profit business came to pass. But managing a young family, volunteering full-time, and personal art commitments became challenging.

In 2022, amid Covid and rising living costs, she made the tough decision to close Duck in Boots. This closure marked the end of a significant chapter, but Sarah-Marie's journey of resilience and growth continues.


She took on a full-time role at a local charity and kept her passion for art alive by teaching community art classes and offering free online sessions around this new commitment.

Sarah-Marie's classes, unique in their focus on wellbeing, highlight the therapeutic power of art. While balancing her job, motherhood, and teaching, she still manages to create vibrant new art collections.

Her commitment to her family, charity work, and art, supported by her husband, friends, and family, is admirable. Sarah-Marie also bravely faces living with PTSD, Dyslexia, and assessments for Autism and ADHD, yet she remains determined and focused.

Sarah-Marie's story is an inspiration, showing that our circumstances do not define us; it's our passion, resilience, and perseverance that carve our path. Her journey stands as a humble testament to the power of following our dreams, no matter the challenges.

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