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Corporate Escape

Transform Your Team's Dynamics with Our Exclusive Corporate Escape Packages at the Mill House

Unlock a unique team-building experience with our Corporate Escape Packages, set within the exclusive and serene grounds of the Mill House. For the first time ever, this historic site opens its gates for corporate groups, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore parts of the beautiful River Stour accessible only through us. Whether you're aiming for a full or half-day retreat, our packages are meticulously crafted to blend creative activities, wellness experiences, and delicious dining in a setting that's as inspiring as it is secluded.

Tailored Experiences to Rejuvenate and Connect:

  • Creative and Fun Activities: Choose from a variety of engaging activities designed to spark creativity and joy. Whether it's painting in the open air, crafting workshops, or team challenges, each activity is selected to foster collaboration and innovation.

  • Wellness Walks and Workshops: Embrace the tranquility of the Mill House grounds with guided wellness walks along the River Stour, complemented by workshops led by qualified therapists. These sessions are tailored to promote mental and physical well-being, offering tools and practices your team can carry back into the workplace.

  • Delectable Dining: Culinary excellence is a cornerstone of the Corporate Escape experience. Enjoy bespoke menus featuring the finest local produce, prepared to delight and nourish your team throughout the day.

An Exclusive Venue Like No Other: The Mill House grounds represent a hidden gem, steeped in history and natural beauty, now exclusively available for your corporate event. This is a rare chance to escape the ordinary and immerse your team in an environment that's both calming and stimulating. The site's privacy and beauty enhance the experience, making it not just an escape, but a journey to a place where creativity, collaboration, and wellness converge.

Elevate Your Corporate Retreat: Say goodbye to conventional team-building and hello to an extraordinary escape that promises not just a break from the office, but a transformative experience for your team. Download our information pack today for more details on how to create a memorable and impactful retreat at the Mill House. Treat your team to an escape like no other and watch as they return reinvigorated, more cohesive, and inspired.

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