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Charity's & Community Groups

I'm passionate about harnessing the transformative power of art to support charities and community groups.


My commitment to making a positive impact drives me to offer my services at reduced rates, or in some special cases, at no cost. I'm also keen to lend a hand in fundraising efforts for noble causes.

To be eligible for these benefits, your organisation should be a recognised non-profit entity or charity, including groups like Brownies, Scouts, Oddfellows, and similar. The class should be intended for the direct beneficiaries of your charity or group, rather than exclusively for staff or volunteers. For charitable organisations looking to reward their dedicated staff and volunteers, I recommend exploring our Corporate Bookings category, where registered charities and groups may be eligible for special discounts.

For non-profit and charity groups opting for an in-person class, a minimal per-person fee is charged to cover material costs, along with an hourly rate for the enriching experience an in-person class provides.

In contrast, our online classes offer great flexibility. You can either provide your own materials, in which case the class is entirely free, or I can supply materials at an additional cost.

On occasion, I can also provide class downloads and vouchers, depending on availability. While I aspire to assist as many as possible, resources are finite.

For more details, to request an info pack or to discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to reach out. Let's explore how we can bring the joy and benefits of art to your organisation together.

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