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Children's Parties

If you're looking for a fun and creative way to celebrate your child's special day, then look no further than an creative party with Sunflower Artistry!


With so many options available, it's easy to find the perfect art-based activity to engage and entertain children as young as 4 years old. Don't be fooled by my younger students - I also teach adults! That means I can provide quality tuition to older children and teenagers as well.


Art Party: Let us guide your little ones (and older ones!) through their very own canvas masterpiece and create memories that will last a lifetime. I can work to a chosen theme or even their favourite character.


Sessions for children under age 10 we keep to an hour of actual painting but over this age you get 90 minutes of guided art tuition before they tend to loose focus! However I also include some additional activities to keep them happy for up to two hours!

Pottery Party: Get creative with pottery. From robots and dinosaurs to unicorns and castles, you can explore a world of possibilities. What's more, once you paint, embellish and varnish it - you can take it home the same day!

Craft Party: Crafting is a great way to bring your creativity to life! You can explore clay, make dream catchers, design Encanto-inspired birds - the possibilities are endless with a craft party!


Whether it's a birthday, family reunion or any other event, all your party needs are taken care of! From materials, to take-home goodies crafted and painted by the kids, we've got you covered with our tools, aprons and even sets of tables and chairs if required.


When it comes to pricing for your party, it's super easy! The bigger the bash, the more you save. If you'd like to talk about your fun plans in further detail, don't hesitate to reach out. Kindly take note that all prices are contingent on the availability of a venue supplied by the client. In case you need me arrange for a venue, this may incur additional cost. Also, I won't charge any travel fee within 30 minutes/15miles of Sudbury Suffolk; however after this distance there would be an additional charge of £5 per 15 minutes required for travel. (based on Google Maps).


Art Party (older 7 and above)- This includes 90 minutes of tuition time and 30 minutes of activity (usually as the paint dries!)

£20pp for 9 children or less.

£17pp for 10-20 children

£15pp for 21-30 children


Art Party (younger 6 and under)- This includes 60 minutes of tuition time and 30 minutes of activity (usually as the paint dries!)

£17pp for 9 children or less

£15pp for 10-15 children

£12pp for 16-20 children


Pottery Party - Prices start at £15 per child depending on item of pottery selected. Most items fall into this price bracket. Please let me know your chosen theme so I can provide you with a list of available pottery.

DIY Pottery Party - Starts at just £5 per child! Includes pottery items, paints, brushes and disposable pallets plus varnish to give them their shine!


Craft Party - Includes 60 minutes of guided crafting time.

£10 per child based on a minimum of 10 children. I will provide you with a quote with what activities I can provide at £10 a child

based on your chosen theme. Crafting can be booked for a longer period, just get in touch to discuss.


Slime party- Includes 1 hour of slime making

£15 per child making 3 slimes (Classic scented, Puffy and Glitter/Metallic).


*Ages are a guide only. Direct adult supervision is required for younger children and at all parties or events with children, a responsible adult must remain. We take no responsibility for the safety of children at private events. I am fully DBS checked and insured for your peace of mind.

Images shown are from events run by me in the past. Not all are birthday parties.

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