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This collection includes the paint needed to complete one of my online art classes or to add to an art kit template. Please specify which online class you need the paint for. You will need to make a purchase per set, per class.


For example a kit includes enough paint to complete Galaxy Sky painting on a 9x12 canvas plus extra. All pots are hand poured with artist grade acrylic paints in reusable pots


Paint pots 

Stencils (if required)

Sponge (if required)


I used to list each individual class and kit option but there are so many now, this is impractical. Please simply specify the class you wish to buy a custom set of paints for. Please note other than paint, sponges and stencils as required, nothing else is included so if pens or specific tools are mentioned in the materials list, these will need to be purchased seperatley. 

Paint Only

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