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Unleashing the colours of life, Sarah-Marie is an eco-friendly artist with a vibrant, impressionist style. With boundless energy and a passion for self-expression, she offers original artworks, prints, homewares, and even artistic furniture that breathe life into any space.

But it doesn't stop there! Sarah-Marie's passion for nurturing creativity extends beyond her art. For 8 inspiring years, Sarah-Marie has been empowering others through her art classes. With a focus on wellness and self-confidence, she guides her students on their own artistic journey of creative exploration and encourages them to embrace their unique talents and express themselves fearlessly. From beginners and children to seasoned artists, everyone is welcomed in her vibrant classes where imagination knows no bounds.

Having wielded a paintbrush since childhood and honing her skills in the North London area, Sarah-Marie's artistic prowess knows no limits. As a neurodiverse artist herself, she proudly promotes self-acceptance and celebrates the uniqueness of every individual.

Join Sarah-Marie on this colourful adventure as she paints dreams into reality and inspires others to embrace their truest selves. Together, let's create a world where art is not just admired but lived!

Eco Focused

Non Toxic

Wellbeing Centred


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