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Paint with confidence!

Unleashing your inner artist and painting with unwavering confidence!

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Picture the sheer happiness bubbling within you when every artwork you create resonates deeply. See yourself carving out special moments every week, fully embracing your creative flow and feeding your art obsession.

Now, imagine vibing with a tribe of fellow artists, all riding the same creative wavelength. Feel the positive energy in the air as you uplift and inspire one another. These aren’t just opportunities; they’re your ticket to unlocking your artistic groove. Your journey to creative fulfilment kicks off by recognising your own potential and immersing yourself in the energy of kindred spirits. Believe in your craft, surround yourself with those who get it, and watch your artistry soar! 🎨✌️✨

What would you do with your new creative skills?

Would your sell you work?

Share it with your friends and family?

There are endless possibilities.

Anyone can be an artist!

You simply need the time and some support

Do you doubt that you are good enough to be an artist?

Do you find it a challenge to make the time to paint?

Are you worried about wasting money on a hobby?

You are not alone!

For even the most experienced creative will sit at their easel and inspiration just will not come. 

Many who take up art can be overwhelmed surrounded by paints and tools they spent too much money on and don't really know how to use.

It is easy to get lost in the "messy phase" of a painting and be unable to see the way through.

I totally get it.

I have been there and I have helped so many people through these obstacles.

Through the Sunflower Club, you won't be alone and will get help, support, tips and guidance to help make creating art more fun and successful.

Each month, more videos, tips and help will be available as I personally adapt what is on offer to suit the community as it builds. 

I understand everyone has different needs so there will be regular updates so you get the most from the club. 

Offering you amazing value!

  • Sunflower Club Monthly

    Every month
    Monthly plan with no tie in!
    • 4 Free Zooms a month (live or video)
    • Access to all video tutorials (more added monthly)
    • Exclusive Free downloads
    • 30% off all standard classes (£30 or less)
    • 50% off selected products and kits
    • Exclusive offers
    • 20% off art materials
    • Exclusive content
    • 10% Off special events (and pub socials)
    • Friends and Family discount
  • Best Value

    Sunflower Club Unlimited Monthly

    Every month
    Everything from the standard plan plus even more value
    • Unlimited Zooms (live or unedited videos) worth £72-96pcm
    • Free video tutorials with at least one new one per month
    • Exclusive downloads only available to Unlimited members
  • Sunflower Club Annual

    Every year
    Extra perks on an annual plan
    • All the perks of unlimited monthly plus:
    • Set of 16 DecoArt Acrylic Paints worth £29
    • Welcome art kit worth £25
  • Sunflower Club Unlimited Annual

    Every year
    Annual Plan with added benefits
    • All the perks of unlimited monthly plus:
    • Free embossed exclusive art print
    • Set of 16 American Paints
    • Set of Artist Brushes

Each plan with automatically renew until cancelled.


Find your answers!

**Q: What value do I get from the membership?**

A: Our membership offers incredible value for only £25 per month. You get four Zoom sessions each month, valued at £48, plus access to a growing library of video tutorials. Members also enjoy a 30% discount on standard in-person classes every month plus 10% off special events. With all these benefits, the value you receive far exceeds the monthly fee.

**Q: Is there a minimum membership term? Can I cancel anytime?**

A: There's no minimum term for your membership – you have the flexibility to cancel anytime. Your membership will remain active until the end of your current billing cycle.

**Q: Do I need prior experience in painting or drawing to join?**

A: Not at all! Our service is designed for beginners, and everything is suitable for those new to art. As you progress, we also offer intermediate-level extras to further develop your skills.

**Q: Are there any art courses included in the membership?**

A: Yes, absolutely! We typically run four art courses a year, and these are included free for members. This is another great addition to the already high value of your membership.

**Q: What kind of tech support do you offer?**

A: We offer technical support to assist with any issues you might face. Most importantly, you need to be logged into our website with the email address you used to sign up to access all your member benefits.

**Q: Can I use my discounts for tickets for other people?**

A: Yes, there is now a Friends and Family discount code you can use to save 10% off additional tickets. You can only book your own ticket with the bigger discount.

**Q: What if I miss a live Zoom session?**

A: If you can't attend a live session, don't worry! We'll send you a link to the recorded session, so you won't miss out on the learning experience.

**Q: How often is new content added to the video library?**

A: We regularly update our video library, ensuring there's always something new and exciting for you to learn. Our goal is to add new content frequently, enriching your learning experience.

**Q: Are there any additional costs for materials?**

A: While your membership covers course and tutorial fees, you will need to provide your own art materials. We do offer discounts on art supplies, so keep an eye out for those codes!

**Q: How do I access my member benefits?**

A: Once you've signed up, you can access all your benefits by logging into our website with the email address you used for registration. All your membership details and access to tutorials, courses, and discount codes will be available in your account.

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