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Introducing our Set of 16 American Paints, perfect for artists of all levels. Each bottle contains premium quality acrylic paint that is easy to use and offers vibrant colours. This set includes a diverse range of colours, allowing you to create any artwork you desire. Whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, this set provides excellent value for your money. Upgrade your art supplies and let your creativity flow with our Set of 16 American Paints.


These come packed in a box and contains 1 of each of these colours:
Snow (Titanium) White
Light Buttermilk
Royal Fuchsia
True Red
Cherry Red
Bright Orange
Bright Yellow
Festive Green
Forest Green
Peacock Teal
True Blue
Dioxazine Purple
Dark Chocolate
Slate Grey
Lamp (Ebony) Black

Set of 16 Americana Paints

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