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Become a Sunflower Supporter

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Hey there art enthusiast!

Are you overflowing with creativity and eager to share that artistic love with others?

Becoming a Sunflower Artistry supporter might just be your golden ticket! As a supporter, you get to champion our delightful art classes, products, and subscriptions while pocketing a commission.

Imagine the joy of inspiring others, helping them discover their own creative genius while showcasing the beauty of original vibrant art. Plus, as a supporter, you'll treat your friends, family, and local network to exclusive discounts, making the world of art even more irresistible for them.

Not only do you get the warm fuzzies from sharing something you adore, but you also earn every time your referrals make a purchase. It's like spreading sunshine and getting a little extra sparkle in return – a win-win!

And guess what? This opportunity isn't restricted by geography! Sunflower Artistry is open to art lovers all across the UK, making it a creative fiesta for everyone.

Getting started is a breeze – just hop on your smartphone and share the love via the internet and social media. A few taps, a sprinkle of enthusiasm, and you're spreading the art vibes!

Why wait? Dive into your passion for art and join our Sunflower Artistry family today! 🎨✨

Easy to do! 

Track your commissions easily with our affiliate programme.


Create a unique code that customers can use to grab a discount for themselves and so your efforts can be rewarded!

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Questions and Answers

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Popular questions answered...

I am not located near your classes, can I still take part?

Yes! There are online classes and the new Sunflower Club which work for people all over the globe! So there is plenty to share and opportunities to get involved.

Do I have to have taken part in your classes or brought your products to take part?

Technically no however, I prefer that you have done. I offer free online classes so you can give them a go and I can offer you a reduced price kit to try out too.

I have no idea how to advertise, what do I do?

No problem. I am here to help. Each month, I will email you with some templates you can use should you wish to use them along with some sample wording if you need a little inspiration. There will also be some items in your welcome email that I will send personally within 24 hours of you signing up to take part.

I promise it is easy. It is as simple as sharing a photo, your link and the website on Facebook/Instagram? X (formally Twitter) and LinkedIn with ideally an endorsement or sentence asking people to pop on and check us out. Easy.

I have my own website or social media business, how can I help?

You are welcome to add links to your website or use your own social media pages to promote us too. If you have a great level of followers already, it is quite likely you will earn more commission as your reach will be greater!

Have a question? Just ask!

I am here to help. So just get in touch with any questions or ideas you have for collaboration.


I look forward to working with you!

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