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This pack is ideal if you want to get set up to start painting at home with my online art classes or just fancy getting started with Acrylics!


The pack includes 3x A4 canvases (£4.50 each)

1x pack of paint brushes (£12 per pack)

1x plastic paint palette (£1 each)

1x set class set of paints  (£6.50-£9.50 per set but your for the flat rate of £6.50 in this pack)

1x apron (£5 each)

and a coupon for a half price online art class! (worth £6!)


The paint sets include hand poured paints in portioned pots designed for use with a specific class. This will also include other materials if required such as a stencil or sponge. Please see individual paint pack listings for individual details of what is inluded.


If ordering for a specific class, please allow a minimum of 7 days for this pack to arrive with you which will include your coupon.


Please specify which art class paint set you would like made up for you in the custom text box. This must be one ofthe future dated online classes available on the website.

Online Class Value Pack

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