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Introducing our charming Custom Uniform Ducks, the perfect way to celebrate school or club pride in style!


Each duck is meticulously hand-painted with care and attention to detail, capturing the essence of your institution's iconic uniform.


Whether you're looking to immortalise your alma mater's classic blazer and tie combo or showcase your team's distinctive jersey, these uniform ducks are a delightful tribute to your school or club spirit.


Simply provide me with the details of your uniform – from colours to logos – and watch as I bring it to life on these adorable ducks. With every brushstroke, I ensure that each duck reflects the unique identity and pride of your institution.


Crafted from sustainable bamboo root, these ducks not only showcase your passion but also embody a commitment to eco-friendly living. Bamboo's natural properties make these ducks suitable for both indoor and outdoor display, adding a touch of character to any setting.


While these ducks are built to withstand the elements, we recommend bringing them indoors during severe weather conditions to maintain their pristine appearance. Each duck is varnished for added durability, ensuring they remain a cherished symbol of your school or club for years to come.#

Hand-painted with love and expertise in Suffolk, our Custom Uniform Ducks are more than just décor – they're a testament to the bonds of community and the pride of belonging. Whether displayed in classrooms, offices, or homes, these ducks are sure to evoke fond memories and spark conversation wherever they go.


Hand painted to order - turnaround is approx 3 weeks

Custom Uniform Duck

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