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Art Classes & Events

Welcome to Sunflower Artistry!


Dive into a world of bright colours and laughter with Sarah, your expert guide and professional fine artist. Our sessions are designed to make art accessible and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of experience. From absolute beginners to those looking to brush up on their skills, you're in for a treat.

Having pioneered these sessions long before they became a popular trend, you're in experienced and safe hands, whether you're joining us locally in Essex, Suffolk, or from anywhere online.

Come along for an artistic session where we'll explore a world of possibilities on canvas. Under my guidance and with your eagerness to learn, we'll awaken the artist within you. It's more than creating art; it's about crafting moments of happiness and exploration that you'll treasure. Reserve your place now and start an artistic journey filled with enjoyment, education, and the liberty to showcase your vibrant individuality.

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