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**Sample Sale: Hand-Painted Artworks by Sarah-Marie**

Dive into the world of art with our exclusive Sample Sale! These unique paintings, crafted by the talented Sarah-Marie, are a rare opportunity to own a piece of art at an unbeatable price. Originally valued at over £100 each, these pieces are now available at a fraction of the cost.


**Key Features:**

- **Hand-Painted Originals**: Each painting is an original creation by Sarah-Marie, guaranteeing you a one-of-a-kind piece.

- **Imperfect Perfection**: Created rapidly for demonstration purposes, these paintings boast a raw and authentic charm. Expect to find what Sarah-Marie considers imperfections, like thin paint layers or loosely defined lines.

- **Upside-Down Artistry**: Many pieces were painted upside-down in a live setting. This unique approach was used to facilitate easy viewing and replication of brush strokes by onlookers. It adds an intriguing twist to each artwork!

- **Sample Sale Bargain**: A rare chance to own a Sarah-Marie original at a significantly reduced price.


**Please Note:**

- **Image Representation**: The images shown are mock-ups of the design. They give a general idea but do not represent the exact details of the painting you will receive.

- **Dimensions Vary**: The actual dimensions of each piece may differ from those shown in the mock-up images.

- **Unique Details**: Specific details of each individual painting are listed below, highlighting its unique characteristics and dimensions.


**Embrace the Beauty of Flawed Artistry**:
These paintings are perfect for art lovers who appreciate the beauty in imperfection and the story behind each brush stroke. By purchasing a Sample Sale piece, you not only get a beautiful artwork but also a snippet of Sarah-Marie's artistic journey.


**Authenticity and Quality Enhancements:**


- **Signature of Authenticity**: Every piece is personally signed, numbered, and dated by Sarah-Marie on the back, ensuring the authenticity and exclusivity of your artwork.

- **Hand-Finished Touches**: Each painting receives individual attention with hand finishing, enhancing its overall appearance and bringing out the depth and vibrancy, tidy up of any niggles of the colours.

- **Protective Varnish**: To ensure longevity and durability, each artwork is carefully varnished. This protective layer guards against fading and damage, preserving the beauty of the piece for years to come.

- **Unique Backstory**: Some pieces may bear traces of demo paint on the reverse side, a testament to their origin in a live demonstration setting. This does not impact the front design and adds to the unique story of each painting.



This piece is an Interpretation of "Sunflowers"

It is on A4 canvas board and ready to frame. Please note, a frame is not included.


Sunflowers v4

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