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Artist: Sarah-Marie, Sunflower Artistry


We are proud to present a captivating and heartfelt creation by the talented Sarah-Marie of Sunflower Artistry, exclusively for our charitable auction.


Unlike a reproduction or print, this fine art piece has been personally hand-painted by Sarah-Marie using vibrant acrylics on A4 canvas board, imbuing it with a unique character and depth that only original artwork can possess.


Each stroke of the brush carries the artist's intent and emotion, making this painting not just a visual delight but a narrative piece that speaks directly to the heart.


The size and medium make it a versatile piece, perfect for adorning any space, be it a cozy home setting or a professional office environment. The rich textures and colors achieved through the acrylic medium add life and energy to the canvas, inviting viewers to pause and ponder.

But the beauty of this painting is matched by its purpose. In a generous act of giving, 100% of the sale price of this exquisite piece will be donated directly to the Royal British Legion, alongside the proceeds from the ticket sales of the class where Sarah-Marie imparted her artistic wisdom. This is not just an opportunity to own an exceptional piece of art but also a chance to contribute to a noble cause.


Acquire this stunning painting and let your walls tell a story of artistry, generosity, and compassion. Your bid will not only enhance your art collection but also support the commendable work of the Royal British Legion, helping to make a significant difference in the lives of many.


*Note: The painting will be securely packaged and delivered to the winning bidder.*

Poppy Field (RBL Charity Piece)

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