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**Exciting Update: Enhanced Video Access via YouTube!**


**🌟 Get Ready for a Streamlined Art Journey!**

To elevate your experience, we're now delivering your video purchases through YouTube invites. Expect an invitation within 48 hours post-purchase. Remember, access requires a YouTube login using your purchase-associated email.


**Paint, Relax, and Learn - Anytime, Anywhere!**

Dive into my growing collection of art tutorials, crafted to spark your creativity from the comfort of your home. Let's paint masterpieces at your own rhythm!


**🔒 Exclusive, Budget-Friendly Streaming!**

Your purchase unlocks a special link to our VIP video content, not available publicly. We trust you to enjoy this privilege responsibly. Please, keep the link private. To maintain affordable prices, we monitor usage and discourage unauthorized sharing. Let's keep our art community thriving and secure! You can however invite friends round and paint as a group. We just ask the actual link or download is not passed on.


**We Love Seeing Your Art!**

Share your creations with us! Snap a picture and email it, or tag us on social media. Your artwork not only inspires us but also spreads joy in our community!


**📣 Stay in the Loop and Earn Rewards!**

Don't miss out – subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates and earn loyalty points with each purchase. It's your ticket to the latest art tutorials and fantastic rewards!


Members Video Tutorial -Simple Daffodil Field

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