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This twelve count set is an economical way to stock your paint cabinet with the leading all-purpose, premium acrylic paint. Americana offers a durable matte finish and a smooth, creamy consistency. Containing some of the most popular colours available on the market, this set would also make a great gift for the crafter, painter, maker, DIYer.

Contains 2 oz bottles of the following colours:
CLDA01- Snow White
CLDA274 - Carousel Pink
CLDA129 - True Red
CLDA228 - Bright Orange
CLDAO10 - Cadmium Yellow
CLDA275 - Sour Apple
CLDAO44 - Desert Turquoise
CLDAO36 - True Blue
CLDAO34 - Lavender
CLDAO65 - Dark Chocolate
CLDAO68 - Slate Grey
CLDAO67- Lamp Black

12 Set of Americana Acrylics (Value)

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